Canellatlon Policy

Yogi Bear’s
290 Glen Charlie Road
East Wareham, MA

Cancellation for Advanced Bookings

Cancellation Policy
(Reservations Booked After April 1)

Full Refund
For a full refund, Reservations MUST be cancelled at least 30 days prior to arrival.

Partial Refund or Camping Credit
If a guest cancels at least 2 weeks prior to arrival (but less then 30 days), they may
receive a full credit to be used any weekend (excluding Holiday Weekends), or be
refunded the original amount paid less 25%.

Cancellations Within 14 Days or Less to Check In Date
Guests canceling less then 2 weeks prior to arrival may receive a camping credit for
75% of the original amount paid. Refunds will not be distributed unless a doctor’s
note is presented.
Credits must be used within 1 year of cancellation

*If a guest cancels due to a family illness, they must provide a doctor’s note in order
to receive a full refund. Guests may also receive a full credit to be used anytime
within 1 year from cancellation, excluding Holiday Weekends.

All camping credits issued are valid for 1 year beginning the date they are issued.
Credits automatically become void if not used within that time period.